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Six thing to know before you go to your Engagement session.

I always give my clients a heads up about their session, about what they are going to need for their engagement session, because for the most part they don’t know what to expect - all they know is that they have paid a lot of money to a photographer to shoot their wedding day and engagement session. I keep a little list that I give to the bride and groom when we book the session.

1. Where are we going to go for the session? Do you have location in mind? If we have to travel, are you going to get charged mileage? Most photographers have a distance that they are willing to travel for a session without charging mileage. It is good to talk about this before the day of the session.

2. What are you going to wear? Most photographers don’t mind if you change clothes during the session. It’s good to know if there is a place to change clothes near the shoot location. Make sure you, and your photographer, know what you’re going to wear, and how many clothing changes there will be. Research the locations where you want pictures taken. Make sure, if there is going to be more than one location, that you let the photographer know as soon as possible, so they can schedule ample time for travel.

3. Make sure there is plenty of time in your schedule to finish the session. If you are planning outdoor photographs, be sure - in case the weather turns bad - that you have a backup plan (like return to the studio, and do indoor shots and/or reschedule the outdoor pictures).

4. Be sure to bring extra makeup, hair brush, mirror, for all the small touch-up things that might need to be done during the session.

5. Have fun! It’s your day, enjoy it. If it seems too stressful, pick another day, or take a break and come back to it. As a photographer, I have found the best way to capture great images, that reflect how you feel about each other, is to set up the scene, and then allow the couple to interact. I ask them to forget I’m there and just talk, hold hands, and show their partner just how much they are loved.

6. Lastly, visit your photographer. I’m sure you have ideas for certain images. Most people spend time on Pinterest getting ideas for engagement and wedding photos. It’s a great place to look. Keep a folder on your desk top of images you like and share them with your photographer. I’m sure he or she will have many ideas of their own, but most photographers welcome input from their clients.

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